Organizational culture is one of the top factors tied to employee happiness. Building bridges within the team, department and organization is the best way to help your people love their job! We help you MAKE time and space for co-workers to bond using creative activities, projects and exercises.

Is your team ready to improve communication, trust and collaboration skills? Ready to exercise creativity to inspire your team to think bigger? Then MAKE is the solution to your need.

We offer a variety of events to build a cohesive team environment, support your mission statement, and learn together.

  • On-Site Studio Events
  • Off-site to Your Location 

Artist/Owner Kijsa Housman brings 25-plus years of experience in creative thought processes for these amazing and productive events.  Watch how your staff comes together in a creative environment to spark conversation, ideas and success! From team mural painting to printmaking to creating together, MAKE collaborates with you to design the perfect team building experience for your organization.

For more info, check out our Frequently Asked Questions and Party Info

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