Our pub: Martha Square Frame Sign



18″ x18″ Square Framed Sign

Customization: Name may be added beneath design, specify as you want shown.

  • Welcome to our collection of Farmhouse-inspired projects. Here are a sampling of the many choices you have to MAKE your own creative sign in our studio! All are stencil signs where you get help with the details and wording, but MAKE it your own with color choices and creativity~
  • Pre-order: Projects require preparation, so please give us at least 3 days advance notice to prepare your project for scheduled creating time or event. Let us know when you are coming & we will have it all set up for you!
  •   Any questions about the fun we have in store for you to MAKE, give us a buzz: 270-201-2474 (T-S 10-5), or email makepaducah@yahoo.com
  • For more info, Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and Party Info!


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