Its that time of the year again! When searching for a jack o lantern idea, you don’t want to something basic! BE CREATIVE! You don’t have to be a professional! You just have to know where to look to get the best ideas! Here are five really creative ways to (pumpkin) spice up your jack o lantern!

1. Home address pumpkin


• Select one pumpkin per house number and cut a hole in the top of each. Clean out, saving the tops, and wipe exteriors dry.

• Center paper stencil number (ours was 5 inches tall) on the first pumpkin and adhere with painter’s tape.

• With a marker, trace the stencil outline, then carefully carve just outside the line with a small handsaw or heavy-duty craft knife., Repeat for each number.

• Arrange a few tea lights inside each pumpkin, then line up or stack in proper order.

• Illuminate tea lights using a long-handled lighter through the holes. Enjoy!!!

For the full tutorial check it out here: Tutorial on carving your home address pumpkin 

2. DIY Marquee Light Letter Pumpkins

DIY Marquee Light Letter Pumpkin

MAKE your neighbors jealous by having the cutest pumpkin in the neighborhood!

3. Jack o PLANTern

Jack o Plantern Tutorial

Calling all green thumbs! This is for you!

4. Cat o lantern

Cat O Lantern Tutorial

MEOW! We love this Cat o lantern (or we just like the name because it punny.) Its easy to MAKE and a great conversation starter!

5. Mummy Pumpkin

Mummy Pumpkin Tutorial

MAKE a pumpkin that no one will think of! This is so creative, you might win your friendly competition with this one!