Judi Allread:

Judi Allread has been knitting and crocheting for over 40 years.  From garments to lace, amigurimi to Christmas ornaments, she loves to share her experience with anyone who wants to learn. Judi and her husband own Serano Alpacas in Springfield, Ky.  With so much fiber to play with, she rarely puts her needles down!

DeAnna Amos:

(Gravois Mills, MO)  DeAnna Amos is a fiber artist and long time spinner and weaver.  She loves to share her experience and knowledge with students of all ages.  She makes handwoven garments from a variety of fiber and loves to spin and weave.


Roiana Buckmaster

Roiana Buckmaster currently lives in Mount Pleasant, Tennessee, where she is working with her husband Mike and youngest son Nick to build a flock of Icelandic sheep  (along with chickens, guinea fowl, ponies, puppies and whatever else she can smuggle into the barn when Mike isn’t looking). Roiana was given knitting needles at the age of 6 (to keep her out from underfoot), embroidery at the age of 10 (to encourage sitting still) and plunged headlong into the shadowy worlds of spinning, weaving, tatting and various other fiber arts from there. It’s a slippery slope, but what a ride!

Joi Chupp:

You’ve come a long way baby could very well apply to me. My life began in a big city, then to a small town and finally to my Missouri farm. To some that may seem a little backward, but to me it meant I was finally home. I have always loved animals and now I can have any that I want. Of course I did not know that these animals would take me where they have. It just all snuck up on me. We already had horses, and then there were the goats to clean up the barn yard. Along the way we have added a few cattle, but the best of all are the fiber animals. And that was by pure accident. A neighbor lady couldn’t take care of her sheep and asked me to take them and then another neighbor taught me to spin and felt. I was hooked, in fact I am obsessed or possessed, I am not sure which, I have added llamas and alpacas to the mix and occasionally have angora rabbits and have had angora goats. I love fiber.

I have a BS in Math from the University of Arkansas with teaching hours added on and did teach for several years. So teaching fiber classes was just a natural next step in my life. I have been teaching fiber arts for several years and I find that each year I learn something new to share. And it is so much fun to see someone realize that wool is one of the most versatile mediums to work with. My favorite pastime is playing with wool, on and off the animals.

Beth Collier-Shafer

Beth Collier-Shafer has been spinning for almost 9 years. She and her husband Steve own Three Creeks Farm, a small family farm in Charlotte, TN where they have sheep, goats and a variety of other animals. They also sell their fleeces, roving and spinning related products. Beth has done numerous spinning demonstrations often dressed in 18th century or civil war era clothing and enjoys sharing her love of spinning with anyone who will listen. She also needle felts and does various types of dyeing including natural, food coloring and chemical dyes. tn3creeksfarm@yahoo.com  www.3creeksfarm.com  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Three-Creeks-Farm/182148323213?ref=h

Jonee Davis:

My name is Jonee Davis and I live in Wheaton, Missouri, state with a population of 691 or as the sign says anyway. We are located in the SW corner of the state about 45 minutes from the Arkansas and Oklahoma borders.

We relocated to Missouri approximately 10 years ago from Arizona. I have been active in the fiber arts since 1990. I first learned to weave then took up spinning. I am also an avid crocheter while dabbling in all the other aspects relating to fibers. I feel that we are never too young or too old learn new things about the world of fiber arts and I love to share whatever knowledge I have with others. I have raised animals all her life and come from a ranching family. We now has a small hobby farm where myself and my husband are the caretakers of dairy and boer goats, a few cattle, horses, 6 alpacas, LGD’s, and all the other livestock that come with a farm.

I have been traveling for the last few years teaching at different fiber festivals in Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky. I have a great passion for teaching others what I hold so dear to my heart. I have taught several different classes through the years but have found what I call the heritage classes my favorite. I now teach Learning to twine, Peg Loom? You say Peg Loom?, Lace is just not for knitters, and once in a while I teach a dye class or beginning crochet. My good friend Joi Chupp and I also do Natural Dyeing demo’s at a Living History Museum in Grove, Oklahoma

Robin L Goatey :

Robin is an award winning full time festival craftsman working Fiber Festivals in the Midwest. Inspired by Tolkien’s Legendarium, he started carving Ents, Wizards and Castles after reading the Hobbit four decades ago. Woodcarving, Woodturning, Hand Built Ceramics, Hot and Cold Glass, Coppersmithing, Enameling, Broom Making, Tool Making, Spinning & Navajo Style Weaving are current specialties. Teaching the Traditional Crafts is a passion. He also conducts a lively online trade in ‘Heirloom Quality Hand Made Fiber Tools.

The DancingGoats.com has been in business since 1987 and online since 2000. We make tools for Folkways Artisans and provide ‘Northern Folk-school’ instruction.

Teresa Goatey:

Weaver, Spinner & Rug Hooker. The Fiber Arts have been a passion for 30 years. Concentration has always been on original designs in rug hooking and skills building in Spinning an Weaving.

A desire to understand processes from beginning to end is the Genesis of Oak Knoll Farm. Our flock of Shetland and Finnish Landrace Sheep provide the wool for many of our projects and products. Our Maremma dog, Bear keeps an eye on all of it.