Welcome to our latest collection of Door Decor fun! Below are some beautiful options to MAKE in our studio. Prices include all Materials and studio fee.
*Open Studio: Projects are available at the ready for you to paint anytime we are open- regular hours 10-5, Tuesday-Saturday, or for your special event. Drop-in, or let us know when you are coming & the project you like and we will get it all set up for you!
*Pre-order: Projects require preparation, so please give us at least 3 days advance notice to prepare your project for scheduled creating time or event. Let us know when you are coming & we will have it all set up for you!

*Event only: Requires special instruction and/or equipment. Reserve for one of our scheduled instructed events, or MAKE your own event on your time (Minimum 6 guests for private event)  Any questions about the fun we have in store for you to MAKE, give us a buzz: 270-201-2474 (T-S 10-5), or email makepaducah@yahoo.com


Laurel Wreath Monogram:  Paint in your favorite Home Decor colors or Keep it Neutral! 24″ $36,  14″ $20 *Open Studio

 Personalized Wreath: Dress up your door! Must order at least 2 weeks in advance. 24″  $36

   Scallop Wreath:  Wreath your door!  24″ $36,   *Open Studio

 Bourbon Barrel: Includes Wooden Word and reclaimed wood. 18″ $46 *Open Studio

 Camper: A cute doorhanger for your home on wheels! 12″ $16 *Open Studio
 Jockey Silk: For the derby-loving Kentuckian.  24″ $36 *Open Studio

 Seated Bunny: MAKE it Perfect for all seasons  24″ $36 *Open Studio

 Leaping Bunny: Complete with Fluffy Tail 20″  $30 *Open Studio

  Large Flower:  With Initial Pattern available  24″ $46 *Open Studio


  Open Scroll Heart: MAKE it for all seasons  24″ $36 *Open Studio

  Apple: with initial  24″ $41 *Open Studio

    Anchor Initial:  24″ $46 *Open Studio

 Pumpkin: Fall is in the air! 18″ $26 *Open Studio

 Turkey: Gobble, Gobble!  18″ $26 *Open Studio

Happy Fall Sign:  24″ $36 *Open Studio

 Grinch Hand: MAKE it Christmas, with Initial,  24″ $41 *Open Studio

 Truck & Tree: Take this tree Home  24″ $36 *Open Studio


 Ornaments: Choose your shape, and MAKE it merry! 24″ $36 *Open Studio


 O Holy Night: The stars are brightly shining! 18″ $26 *Open Studio

 Manger: Jesus is the reason for the season! 24″ $36 *Open Studio

 Star: Paint it festive or something that can hang in your home all year ’round.  24″ $36 *Open Studio


 Joy Snowman: How can you not be filled with joy when painting, and then displaying this adorable snowman!?  24″ $36 *Open Studio


Candy Canes: The candy of the season! 24″ $36 Open Studio


 Christmas Tree: This funky tree will be so cute on your front door this holiday season! 24″ $36 *Open Studio