My name is Diana M. Wicai.  I am 50 years old.  Born a Floridian my family first moved to Murray, KY in 1976.  We moved back and forth several times and I came back for good in the fall of 1990.  My daughter and I lived in an old Airstream for a year and a half before moving into a house trailer in the Aurora area. I stripped tobacco that first year and thought I was going to freeze to death.  My new colleagues were named Birddog and Applehead.  I returned to school at 31 and ended up taking weaving on a dare as a fine art credit.  It was all downhill from there.  Turns out I wasn’t weird, just artistic.  Maybe both.  After graduating with simultaneous bachelor degrees from Murray State University in fine art and agriculture I earned my Masters in Agriculture thinking I might teach someday.  After a one semester teaching gig in Tennessee it became apparent that students loved me but administration did not share in that sentiment. In 1997 we moved into a house trailer in New Concord.  With a nephew, daughter, and now husband.  It sits on three and a half acres of vertical hillside in the middle of the woods.  We call it Mamas’ Folly.  It was founded on love, dumb luck, blind faith, and a little string.  For thirteen years we have grown organic veggies and our own breed of indestructible chickens, dodged tornados and deer hunters, not always with success.  I will keep on making stuff, often tapestries, but not always, until they throw my ashes over the garden.

Diana M. Wicai


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